The exhibition

The exhibition shows various aspects of jubilee celebrations: the ritual and ceremonial dimension, as established by papal bulls and other documents and described by witnesses, chroniclers and scholars; the social and collective dimension of a Jubilee and how this was influenced by the presence of pilgrims in Rome, the assistance they received, the economy revolving around them and the combination of the sacred and the profane in every-day life; the spatial dimension, highlighting how the history of Rome was shaped by the changes the city went through on the occasion of Jubiilees, with a special focus on the patriarchal basilicas, the prime destination of a pilgrim’s journey.

The exhibition unfolds through six thematic sections, divided in turn into subsections. On display are modern and ancient manuscripts and printed volumes, documents, engravings, newspapers, magazines, photographs, films, special issues of stamps and coins.

In addition to the 600 items on display in the Sala Zuccari, additional content is available in digital form, for a total of over thirteen hundred images, which may be viewed following the exhibition itinerary or according to thematic filters which may be customised by the user.

Exhibition path